8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken
January 2, 2018

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

Since we’ve shared a post or six about making the most of your engagement shoot (from what to wear to when to take them), you might assume that we think engagement sessions are pretty important. You’d be right! We think engagement portraits are so vital that we include a pre-wedding session in all of our wedding packages. But if you’re newly engaged, you might be wondering whether or not YOU should think engagement portraits are important. Here are eight reasons why we think you should definitely value engagement portraits and have them taken:

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

1. Get to know your photographer

Your wedding photographer is so much more than just a lens and a clicking shutter! This is a person (or a dynamic duo) who will be with you for HOURS on your wedding day, capturing intimate moments and special details, witnessing and recording one of the most significant and emotional days of your life. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a good rapport with your photographer, things have the potential to get pretty awkward. An engagement session allows you to spend productive time with your photographer. Use this opportunity to get to know them!

2. Capture the fleeting time that you’re engaged

Being engaged is a time of transition – shifting from a dating couple to a married one. It’s such a happy, exciting time, but it won’t last forever. Having engagement portraits taken can be a wonderful way to preserve memories of this brief period, so that you can look back on them for years to come.

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But as time inches closer to the big day you start to find yourself getting busier and busier. Early in the engagement is the perfect time for an engagement session; while the excitement of the proposal and visions of the future are still fresh in your mind, that emotion will be clearly evident in your photos.

Sure you’ll have photos on your wedding day, but this is different! Your wedding is the day planned for a party with your family and friends, but this shoot is all about the TWO OF YOU. While the wedding day will flash before your eyes, the engagement session is slow paced and allows you to really soak in the time you have together. Grabbing those raw emotions just between the two of you is a rare opportunity and you’ll be glad to have this to look back on when you’re old and grey. Also, wouldn’t it be great to have some fab photos of you NOT in wedding threads? Wedding gowns and tuxedos aren’t exactly our everyday attire.

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

3. Enjoy an unexpected bonding activity

Sometimes it can be hard to find time just for the two of you when you’re not distracted by screens, crowds or errands. During your engagement session, you’ll be a team, working together and focusing on one another… in fact, your photos will turn out SO much better if the two of you really focus on the connection and love between you while you’re being photographed.

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

4. Practice for the big day.

Chances are you haven’t had your portraits taken by a professional together before, so how do you know what to do? On your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by cameras, not just the one you hired. With everything that is going on during the day, it’s great to have one less thing to worry about.

Whether you are camera shy or a photogenic vixen, the engagement session is a great opportunity to instill confidence and build comfort in front of the camera. It can be daunting to have a camera follow you, it happens to all of us, and it’s best to get that anxiety out of the way in advance. In no time, you’ll stop focusing on the camera and more on each other. Your nerves will calm and your stress will float away. Your interactions with each other will become more natural and you’ll learn to avoid the innate reflex to stiff up and smile directly into the camera.

If you want to really make it a true dry run, try coordinating your engagement session with your hair and makeup trials; it will allow you the chance to see how they show up in your portraits.

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

5. Express yourselves

An engagement session is a perfect opportunity to get beautiful, flattering photos taken of the two of you together just being your unique selves. This is your chance to capture your connection to one another and to express yourselves.

You have an opportunity to take some truly unique photos, different from any you’ve had before, so make good use of it! Start with the location and pick a place that means something to both of you. It can be where you got engaged, a first date or just a very memorable date, where you met (maybe your high school/university). It can be any place that puts you at ease, something familiar that naturally makes you feel good, such as the zoo, a beach, or even your regular coffee shop. Where ever you decide, make it mean something to you.

Don’t forget to get creative! You can create a theme (bake some cookies together) or bring props (maybe you are Scrabble junkies). Whatever it is, think colorful, let loose and tap into your imagination.

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

6. You’ll have photos to use for wedding purposes

This is probably the reason that leapt to your mind when you saw this post, and it’s an important one! Save the date cards, thank you cards, a wedding website, a guest book … all of these are important aspects of your wedding planning that will benefit SO much from beautiful engagement photos!

7. Create portraits of the two of you in non-wedding clothes

Your wedding portraits will be cherished forever, but having professional portraits of the two of you in more everyday clothing gives you additional images that you can use in so many different ways. Your wedding photos will be very clearly tied to that specific event, but your engagement photos can be super versatile!

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

8. Build trust in your finished photography

Wedding photography is a major investment, but you won’t even get a peek at the finished product until after the wedding. Talk about scary! Even after you’ve seen samples and galleries from the photographer’s previous work, many couples have trouble imagining what their OWN photos could look like. Having engagement portraits taken is an amazing way to ease your mind! After you see your beautiful portraits, you’ll have a much clearer sense of what kind of images your photographer can create for you and that will allow you to relax and know that you are sure to love your wedding photos as well!

Lastly, think about this, you will likely see your photographer more than anyone else on your wedding day… including your fiancĂ©! The engagement session is a perfect ice breaker to transform your photographer(s) from a ‘stranger’ taking your photos to a ‘friend’ taking your portraits. Establish a relationship with your photographer(s) (and all your vendors for that matter). Get to know their personalities and hobbies to the point where you feel comfortable enough with them that you’ll look forward to spending time with them on your wedding day.

By the end of it all you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you, you’ll have some fantastic portraits and you’ll be pumped for your big day!

8 Reasons To Have Engagement Portraits Taken

Are you convinced? We hope so! We adore engagement sessions, and we would love for every couple to have one!

If you have decided that you want to have amazing engagement portraits taken, we would LOVE to be the one to help check that off your list for you! Connect with us and we’ll talk about your plans and help you get your engagement session booked!

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