Associate Photographer Application

Whether you’re looking to join our team full time or you’re looking to fill some free weekends, we’d love to discuss the possibility of you joining our team as a lead, associate, or second shooter.

As you may know, our team is composed of two master photographers and a group of very talented associate photographers. Each associate is carefully selected for their combination of talent, creativity, and personality. If you contact us about second shooting and we fail to get back to you, we apologize.

Note: We only check our list of applications when we have a need. However, feel free to express your interest below; and we will contact you if and when you are needed.


There are three important qualifications for all of our associates.

  1. Personality & Drive – We are looking for exceptional personalities. Individuals with that embrace the concepts of teamwork, humility, hard work, and intrinsic motivation. We seek creatives who believe in our same core values.
  2. Creativity & Technical Skills – We are looking for individuals with a high level of creativity and technical skills. These are developed over time with experience and training, but in general, it’s important that you start with a minimum foundation upon which we can build.
  3. Professional Equipment – While we believe in a photographer’s abilities to create lasting imagery with minimal equipment, we do expect our professionals to own a set of professional cameras, lenses, flashes and lighting accessories. If you only have access to entry-level or prosumer gear, you may still be qualified for an internship program.


To get started, we ask that you submit the form below. If you are chosen, we will contact you with the next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you.