Best Tips To Simplify Scheduling
June 12, 2018

Best Tips To Simplify Scheduling

We like to think of ourselves as scheduling ninjas. Dramatic, we know, but if you’ve met us, you know that we are not graceful enough to be any other type of ninja… sooo we’re going with it.

Is there anything more annoying than trying to schedule a lunch date, or any kind of appointment with someone… especially over email?!?

Me: “Hey, are you free Tuesday to grab lunch?”
Friend: “Aw, Dang it! No! But I have Wednesday Free!”
Me: “No! Shoot! I have a session on Wednesday. What about Friday?”
Friend: “Friday I am going out for drinks after work with some co-workers!”
This continues back and forth until…

Okay, so I don’t actually yell “FORGET IT!”, but at this point, I want to! Luckily, there is a trick that we’ve picked up to make the process a whole lot less hectic… and it’s super simple. When trying to schedule something, we send three dates that we are available – all on different days of the week, and in at least two different weeks.

For example, if you were going to message us right now, and ask for availability for a boudoir session, we would respond like this:

“We would love to get something set up with you! Here are open dates that we have right now!

Friday, June 15th
Wednesday, June 20th
Thursday, June 28th”

Doing this offers many advantages:

1. Avoid Weekend Requests

As we explained last week, we don’t have weekends available – nor does our makeup artist or hair stylist. By sending the clients the days that we are available, it is letting them know that Saturdays and Sundays are not an option. This saves a lot of confusion during the scheduling process.

2. Gives The Client The Final Say

Maybe they have a vacation planned the first week, and have bible study on Wednesdays, but always have Fridays off work! Bingo! By giving a range, you are being flexible within your means and giving them the chance to pick what works best for them!

3. Avoid Conversations Like The One Above

Well, let’s be completely honest, its SUPER frustrating and time consuming!

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