Bring Your Own Photographer
April 17, 2018

Bring Your Own Photographer

Planning a destination wedding? You definitely want to bring your own photographer!

It’s no secret that we like to travel frequently. If you haven’t heard us gush about how much we love traveling, then you probably don’t follow us on Instagram. Whenever we tell someone that we travel frequently for weddings and engagement sessions, the first thing they express is usually shock.

“You mean they are paying to fly you to a different state/country to take their pictures?”

When we answer yes, most people assume we must be working with clients with unlimited budgets. While having those couples are fun, they are few and very far between. Most of our couples that hire us to travel are in the same financial boat as the rest of our clients. As “extra” as it might sound, the option to bring your own photographer with them is much more practical and economical than it initially sounds.

So why should you bring your own photographer to your destination wedding?

If you are planning a destination wedding, you probably are already struggling to find vendors at their location. It’s hard to get trusted referrals, and vet vendors from thousands of miles away. When you bring your own photographer, there is a sense of security in knowing that you are able to work closely together. You will get to know them, and work with them throughout the wedding planning. You’ll be able to communicate easily after the wedding about album design and things like that.

If you and your fiancé have opted for a resort for your destination, the resorts often times will try to push their in-house teams. By deciding to bring your own photographer, you can ensure that you love your photographer’s style and connect to their vision. You can develop a personal relationship to them so they know exactly what you hope for from your wedding images.

Okay, so it’s more secure and more personal, but seriously, HOW COULD IT BE LESS EXPENSIVE TO BRING YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHER?!?

We know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It does depend a bit on the location.

If you are going to a wedding hotspot, or a beautiful tourist location, you expect to pay more. Think about how much more expensive a plate of food, or a round of drinks is abroad than your own hometown comparison. It’s the same reason why it costs significantly more to spend a week in New York than it does in Cincinnati. This is true for weddings, as well. If you are headed to a wedding hotspot, it’s almost always less expensive to pay for your photographer and their travel.

This is true for engagement sessions too! Many of our couples are originally from Cincinnati, but have moved away for school or their careers. It is much cheaper to fly us in when the alternative is them purchasing two flights for themselves to come to Cincinnati. They won’t have to call off work, find a dog sitter, or any of the negatives that accompany traveling. Not only are they saving money, but it also helps them to incorporate a city that has presumably been a big part in their lives.

So if you are out of town, or planning a destination, it makes sense to bring your own photographer – for security, for their style, and for practicality!

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