Celebrating Confidence - Cincinnati Boudoir Photographers
December 11, 2017

Celebrating Confidence

Celebrating Confidence - Cincinnati Boudoir Photographers

We have a lot of pretty friends in our A+K family. Seriously, we do.

Out of all of our pretty friends, almost none of them believe that they are pretty. They think their hair is “flat”, their lips are “too thin”, or their tummy is “flabby”. We listen to their gripes and their perceived physical shortcomings, and think to ourselves, “Women would kill to look like you! If you could just see yourself through anyone else’s eyes, you’d know that.”

Women are constantly told that they aren’t good enough – that their tummies should be flatter, their butts should be more round, their eyes should be bigger, and their legs should be longer.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way that, instead of women shaming themselves, we could encourage women to learn to celebrate and love their bodies? Wouldn’t it be incredible give your friend that outside perspective of how beautiful they really are?

For us that is what boudoir is. Boudoir is a chance for us to help women find their confidence, their softness, and their femininity.

One of our favorite examples of how powerful a boudoir session can be came from one of our friends. Some back story: She is, literally, the person every woman wants to look like. She has beautiful blonde hair, and big blue eyes. She is thin and toned, while maintaining some rockin’ curves. If she weren’t so sweet to everyone, she’d be easy to hate because she has it all.

We were totally excited when she told us she wanted to do a boudoir session. We have known each her for years, so we knew she would be comfortable with us, and it would be an awesome session. But to our surprise, she didn’t open up right away. She acted timid and unsure.

Being the excitable people we are, kept showing her pictures to prove to her how gorgeous she looked. With each image we revealed, it was like a new little piece of her started believing that she was beautiful, and we could see that nervousness and insecurity melt away, little by little.

We showed her one more, and she said, “Wow. I really do look awesome, don’t I?!?” Thankful that she had fully believed it, we exclaimed, “Of course you do!”

Almost every boudoir session we’ve ever done has had some sort of moment like the one described above – an “Aha” moment. The moment when a woman realizes she is beautiful. The moment when she realizes how awfully she beats herself up day in and day out. The moment when she realized she is perfect the way she is. We feel very fortunate to be a part of that.

About Adam & Keli

Creative. Clean. Different. We are a team of creatives in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky specializing in natural, classy and timeless boudoir photography. Boudoir portraits have an amazing power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies. We want you to see how beautiful and special you really are. We’d love to show you our studio and walk you through our albums, canvases and other print photography products. We can also provide more information on our collections and introduce you to our team! We’d love to help, connect with us now.

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