Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
July 20, 2018

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Man, is there anything more true than this? I struggle constantly with not feeling like I am good enough, especially in my career. Call it first-born syndrome, but I’m always looking for what I can improve on, verses giving myself credit for the things I did well. I think there is merit to both, but if those scales are tipped in favor of one or the other, you are risking never being good enough or never growing – as an individual and as in your career.

This feeling of not being good enough is amplified when I look at other fellow photographer’s work that I admire. When I am admiring other local photographers, many times I catch myself believing lies about my own work, my worth, and myself as a whole.

“He is so creative! I should look for more interesting angles.”
“I love how clean her work is! My work looks too harsh.”

What starts as genuine praise, and appreciation, turns into something much more negative as soon as I compare the work to my own. By the end, I’m left thinking about all the things I think I don’t do well enough, and am in full blown pity-party mode, thinking things like, “I don’t know how anyone books me. I would totally book them over me”.

These are lies, my friends. Each one of us brings something unique and different to the table. Sadly, my work isn’t the only place I see myself taking positive thoughts or feelings, and use them as ammunition to on myself. There is nothing wrong with me admiring someone’s looks, but there is a problem when I take that observation, and say “I should be built like him.”

This week, I have a challenge. I challenge you to pay close attention to the second half of your thoughts. Listen close to that little voice in your head that speaks lies after you’ve thought something positive about someone else. Challenge yourself to see the good that someone else is doing without comparing yourself, and without turning that positive, wonderful praise into something ugly, and hurtful.

One more favor! Will you also let me know how it goes?!?

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