Heirloom Wedding Albums
July 24, 2018

Heirloom Wedding Albums

When I ask our clients which wedding collection they are most interested in, I catch myself holding my breath.

“Please want an album, please want an album…”

Truthfully, it has nothing to do with which collection brings in the best financial return for our business, because wedding albums in collections are generally the least profitable for us. The leather cover, the heavy, lay-flat pages, the professional prints – all of that quality comes with a sizable price tag. Throw in a few hours creating a layout, and a few more making edits to it, it’s quite the opposite of profitable.

If it is costing us money and time to make the wedding albums, why do I want our clients to have them so badly?!?

It’s simple. I think it is the best way to tell the story of your day in a timeless way. It keeps your images alive through print instead of wasting away in an online gallery or on a USB somewhere in a desk drawer.

Consider this – on an eight hour wedding day, we generally will return 600-800 edited images to our clients. Some of those are gorgeous arrangements of important details, such as your flowers, your centerpieces, your favors, your shoes, your veil and jewelry. We’ll have some of your mom helping you get into your dress. Some of those images would be of your bridesmaids, and individuals of you and each of them being silly. Some will be of your dad giving you away, and you might even have some of your grandma tearing up during the ceremony. Some of those images will be of your best friends getting down on the dance floor, while having the night of their lives.

Do you know what all of those pictures have in common? They aren’t going to be the images you hang on your wall. Your wall space will be reserved for family pictures and images of the two of you, I’d almost guarantee it.

So if your pictures aren’t going to be displayed in your house, where are the being displayed? For many people, the answer is Facebook or Instagram. What happens when Facebook and Instagram aren’t a thing anymore? Which begs the question: when your kids ask you about your wedding day, what are you going to have to show them?

A wedding album has a spot for every meaningful image: Your details, your mom helping you get ready, your dad giving you away, your friends on the dance floor. Wedding albums are way to tastefully curate your wedding images, making sure special memories are forever preserved, while telling the story of your wedding day for generations to come.

We believe that every couple should have a wedding album, and that it should be your first heirloom. An album that will hold the most precious pictures of when it all began. An album that will be pulled out each anniversary as a remembrance of the day that you thought you couldn’t love each other more than you do now. An album that will be looked over when you’ve had a fight and you need a reminder of the reason that you committed your lives to each other. An album that will stand the time of your marriage, and will be passed down to your children and grandchildren, as a reminder of the strong marriages that they have to look up to.

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