How To Pin A Boutonniere
August 21, 2018

How To Pin A Boutonniere | 3 Easy Steps

From the Groom and his groomsmen to the Father of the Bride, these petite floral arrangements are a special way to honor the significant men of your wedding day. One common issue that arises involves these important men needing assistance with pinning their boutonnieres. Although it may seem complicated, pinning a boutonniere is quite easy. With these 3 easy steps, you’ll have the knowledge to successfully pin a boutonniere in less than 60 seconds.

Step 1: Place The Boutonniere On The Left Lapel

The boutonniere should be placed on top of the lapel and on the left side. If you’re pinning the boutonniere on some else then it should be placed to the right of the tie. The boutonniere is typically placed lower than the tie, but above the pocket square.

Step 2: Fold The Lapel Over the Boutonniere

After you’ve correctly positioned the boutonniere, form a taco shape by folding the material over the flower and that should allow you to see the back of the lapel.

Step 3: Slide The Needle Downward Into The Back Of the Lapel

Insert the needle at a downward angle making sure it runs through both sides of the lapel. Be sure to stick the needle through the thickest part of the boutonniere, the flower stem. It’s important to insert the needle at a downward angle to ensure that the boutonniere stays in place throughout the event.

After you’ve pinned the boutonniere, check and see that the needle is not visible from the front and the boutonniere is secure. You could also work with two pins for more stability.

Now that you know how to pin a boutonniere and the essential boutonniere etiquette, it’s time to pick one out! Check out one of our favorite floral vendors for your boutonnieres and have your favorite delivered right to your doorstep.

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