Invite Us To Your Wedding... Seriously
January 3, 2018

Invite Us To Your Wedding… Seriously

Invite Us To Your Wedding... Seriously

If you haven’t considered it already, you really should invite us to your wedding.

We DO have some killer dance moves. But no, that isn’t the reason we think you should invite us to your wedding.

As your wedding photographers, we try to ask all of our couples to actually invite us for a one simple reason.

When we are added to the guest list, you’ll remember to send us an invitation to your wedding.

That means we’ll have a copy of the invitation. In doing that, you are guaranteed to get pictures of your invitation suite.

95% of the time our couples forget their invitation suite on the wedding day. Hey, it happens! Those puppies are expensive, and we want to make sure that they are well documented.

If you invite us to your wedding, we’ll have the invitations so we can do cute little arrangements including your flowers and rings. We can use the invitations to tell the story of the day, and to make sure your style is well documented. If getting published is a goal of yours, those detail pictures are a must have! Blogs and Magazines LOVE to see a well coordinated invitation suite!

“If getting published is your goal, you definitely need pictures of your invitation suite!”

Another benefit to remembering to invite us to your wedding is that we don’t have to take the pictures on the day of. If things are hectic on the wedding day, we will have our own invitation to take home with us. There, we can take pictures of it later, and without having to worry about losing your Mom’s only copy!

And besides, if you do just want to invite us to your wedding for our killer dance moves, we wouldn’t blame you!

To see more advice for brides-to-be, make sure to browse our blog here and let us know what you think!

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