Meet Adam & Keli

We are Adam and Keli – proud parents who are madly in love with life and each other. We have been documenting engagements and weddings for over five years and never tire from seeing two people who are totally right for each other taking this new step in their lives. Marriage is awesome! Your interest in our work truly means the world to us! Our photography is our lifeblood – we talk about your wedding over our dinners with our daughters, we dream about the photos we are going to provide for you… we can hardly sleep the night before your big day.

Marriage is one of the most important milestones in your life. We are addicted to the happiness that marriage brings and we’re drawn to couples entering this wonderful journey. We are blessed to have our clients in our lives. We cherish the personal connections we will make with you and your families. We know our photos will be cherished for generations to come, and we take that very seriously.

From our first meeting on, we build a relationship based on trust. The quicker our clients can trust us, the faster the photos can start coming alive. We get it… no one likes a camera in their face. It’s our job to make everyone feel relaxed for photos. Chaos can ensue on a wedding day and we can handle it with flying colors. We create a positive vibe based on laughter and love. Our uplifting positive spirit is infectious and it makes your photos look more pure, candid and joyous.

We pour our hearts into our work and can’t wait to rock your wedding!



“Working with Alex was a great experience and so much fun!”