Pinterest Boards And Creativity
December 11, 2018

Pinterest Boards And Creativity

Oh, Pinterest. How we love thee, how we hate thee.

When we are struggling for a new slow cooker recipe, it’s perfect.

When a client hands us a list of pictures they want, it’s less ideal. We know this is a touchy subject, so hang in there with us.

We, as much as anyone, appreciate a creative shot. Be it the angle, lighting, or subject, we can find inspiration for a photo anywhere. We’d be lying if we didn’t look on Pinterest for inspiration occasionally.

That being said, when a client sends us a shot list of “must have” pictures, it can really be a hindrance to other shots that they are going to want. Let us tell you a story that illustrates our point.

Recently, we had a Bride that really loved the idea of, what we call, the “Ghost Dress” shot. You know what we are talking about; the one where all of the bridesmaid’s dresses are hanging up next to the Bride’s dress. We knew this shot was important to her, and wanted to make sure we delivered.

The reality was that the girls were getting ready in a hotel room, where there was nowhere to hang seven dresses. Instead of spending the limited amount of time we had allotted for detail shots of her amazing details, and of her bridesmaids helping her get ready, we spent it carefully transporting seven dresses to and from the only spot that we could get them all hung. It made for a decent shot, but nothing spectacular. Ultimately, without that shot, we could have delivered more images of a higher quality, and more significance.

This was just one instance, and a small one at that. When we get a whole list of “must-have shots” straight off a Pinterest board, it not only cuts into time that we have to give our clients the original images that they hired us for, but also does something worse. It takes our focus away from capturing the authentic moments of the day and substitutes them for posed, “copycat” imitations.

If you are wondering what our call-to-action is: it’s this. Hire a photographer that you trust, and that you love their work. Hire a photographer who wants to get to know you, and knows what you like and dislike. Be candid with them. Trust their creativity. That trust in them will inspire them to give you gorgeous images that are personal to you.

And who knows? Maybe your pictures will end up being the latest Pinterest craze because your photographers got to show off their creativity.

Like Lexie and Andy’s wedding for instance: They trusted us even when we told them we were taking them in an alley and in the middle of the Roebling Bridge for their wedding pictures!

Pinterest Boards And Creativity

Pinterest Boards And Creativity

Pinterest Boards And Creativity

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