Prepping Clients For A Stress Free Wedding
May 29, 2018

Prepping Clients For A Stress Free Wedding

One of the question’s that we get asked most frequently when we tell someone that we are wedding photographers involves the dreaded “B” word. Bridezilla. People ask us if we deal with “bridezillas” all the time. The honest answer shocks people: Nope. Actually, never.

People think that is weird, but we don’t. We do a lot for our couples to make sure that they are well prepared. We want them to be stress free, so from our initial consult through delivering the final product, and beyond, we take pride in holding their hands.

Okay, not literally, but you get what we are saying.

When you’re a recently engaged couple and starting the wedding planning, do you want to know what the single most stressful thing you’ll encounter? It won’t be the big decisions or the all of the little things that sneak up on you weeks before the wedding; it will be the people that treat you like you know what you are doing. Family, friends, and even other vendors will all have questions like this:

“What time does the hair stylist need to start?”
“What time do you want the limo to show up?”
“How much time do we need for pictures?”

Panic time. That’s what couples feel when asked those questions when they’ve just started the planning process. Should you know how long it takes to have six girls to get ready? You’ve never had wedding photographs taken before – how long is appropriate? If you don’t know how long the pictures take, how can you know how long you need a limo? It can become overwhelming and sadly make your engagement a big ball of stress.

We don’t want to do that to our clients. From the very start, we make it clear that we are in this together. They have never done this, but this is our career. We build them a timeline, and do our best to keep it on track on the big day. We give them a family formals shot list to give them an idea of what most people do, then invite them to add to or subtract from it to fit what they need. We give them what we affectionately refer to as a “Duh List”. Our “Duh List” is little things that we have seen that make the wedding day smoother for our clients, and that help us to give them the most gorgeous images that we can. We make sure we have the numbers of Moms, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Vendors, so if anything should go wrong on the day of, we can communicate with necessary parties without the Bride and Groom being worried.

We have found that in doing this, we are able to serve our clients well, giving them more quality images, and keeping them relaxed and stress free. That way, they can focus on enjoying their day, and each other – which is ultimately the most important thing!

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