Simple Suggestions For What To Wear To Your Maternity Session
January 2, 2018

Simple Suggestions For What To Wear To Your Maternity Session

Deciding what to wear on a daily basis for any woman can be a struggle, but deciding what to wear for an extremely important maternity session while you’re pregnant and full of crazy hormones can be incredibly stressful and confusing. You obviously want your photos to be beautiful, so it’s only natural that you’ll be stressed out by this decision. Maternity portraits can be some of the most beautiful and intimate photos that you’ll ever take and having the perfect outfit is key to making your photos look amazing. No pressure, right? If you’re searching for the perfect outfit to wear for your upcoming maternity photo shoot, here are 7 ideas that will help you and your beautiful belly look stunning.

1. The Maxi Dress

There are a couple of great reasons why a Maxi dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. For one, it’s incredibly comfortable. Comfort is key when you are pregnant, and when you’re taking maternity portraits for an hour or so, you want to be as comfortable as can be. It also looks amazing on any pregnant body because it’s incredibly flattering. It covers up anything you don’t want shown, but can also be pulled against the belly to show off your adorable baby bump. A Maxi dress is also a very dramatic piece of clothing to wear for a photo shoot. The flowing fabric looks amazing in the wind and creates a lot of movement in a still photo. You certainly can’t go wrong wearing a Maxi dress for your shoot.

2. A Belt

A great way to accentuate that beautiful belly of yours is to wear a belt. You’ll want to place the belt just below your bosom right where the top of your belly starts. It will pull in any loose clothing and creates a waist line that defines your belly. A belt looks great with any shirt or dress whether it’s flowy or form fitting. It’s also a great way to bring in a cute accessory without thinking too much about it or being too overpowering in the photo.

3. Solid Colors

Since the main focus in your maternity shoot is your bump, don’t let anything take attention away from that, like a pattern or print. Wear solid colors for your bump to stand out the most. If you want to incorporate a pattern into your shoot, have your husband wear a patterned shirt instead. If you feel solid colors are too boring, then bring in some fun, bright and bold accessories like necklaces and scarves.

4. Tight Clothing

If you are comfortable with wearing tight clothing and don’t mind showing off all of your gorgeous pregnant body curves, opt for a beautiful tight Bodycon dress. They look absolutely stunning on pregnant women because they truly show off the amazing body of the pregnant body. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and what a woman’s body does when pregnant is incredible. Showing that off is the perfect way to pay tribute to your pregnant self. Be proud of those beautiful curves.

5. Go Timeless

Since you’ll have these maternity photos for forever, you don’t want to look back on them in 20 years and regret anything you wore. You never want to think to yourself, “What on earth was I thinking?” In order to avoid that, go with a more timeless, simple look. A great option for this would be some jeans, a simple top and a pair of cute boots. There’s nothing wrong with going a little more simple. You can always add a few cute accessories in your jewelry to spice things up a bit.

6. Textured Clothing

Your maternity portraits will look amazing if you wear clothing that has texture to it by adding more dimension to your photos. You can pair a chunky knit sweater with some jeans, wear a lace dress, or an embroidered top. Either way the texture in the clothes will create more interest, therefore making your portraits look more beautiful. It’s a great alternative to a print or pattern.

7. Have 2 Outfits

A great idea is to have two outfits to wear for your maternity shoot, such as a casual outfit and a dressy outfit. This will not only give you options when choosing which photos you want to hang in your home, but it will also give you some variety in the portraits as well.

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