The Importance Of Printing Professionally
September 11, 2018

The Importance Of Printing Professionally

The Importance Of Printing Professionally

You do need your pictures printing professionally. Here is why!

Once, I was really in a pinch. One of our clients had asked for some prints of her daughter for a family gathering the next day. I gladly hopped onto my computer, and threw together a few images and saved them on a USB and took off to my nearest drug store to print.

When they printed, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! The colors looked all wrong – the coral color of her outfit was RED. I was embarrassed, but I didn’t have time to mess with it or send it out to our lab.

Ever since that day, I’ve paid really close attention to how many photo labs are around us every day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went into a store that didn’t have a photo lab. From Walgreens, to Costco, it seems like I’m constantly surrounded by businesses that are willing to print pictures at dirt cheap prices.

But how do they afford to print them so cheaply?

The answer is simple. They are of a much lesser quality than of a professional lab.

When we tell our clients we are editing their images, that means we are color correcting them. We’re spending over a full weeks worth of work combing through images, making sure that the quality is up to our standards, and that the colors look true and beautiful. We spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that calibrates our screens to make sure how we’re editing is how those pictures will print.

But, just because our screens are calibrated, doesn’t mean the printer is – and there in lies the trouble with printing your images through someone that isn’t your photographer.

Professional photographers work with labs that ONLY sell to professional photographers – seriously, it’s like a club and you have to have a legitimate photography website to join. Those labs cost extra because they spend countless hours and thousands of dollars making sure their equipment is calibrated as well. When we print through a professional lab, we know those colors are going to come out exactly as we intended them too, and if by some crazy chance they don’t, we send them back for a reprint.

When you order your prints, canvases, or other print products through the professional photographer, you are getting a guarantee that those products look the way they intended them. You are getting a guarantee that the quality of product is something they are proud to have their name associated with. If you are paying thousands of dollars to have a talented photographer come to capture your wedding day, don’t settle for mediocre (at best) prints – do your printing professionally.

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