Wedding Email? Think Again!
May 22, 2018

Wedding Email? Think Again!

There has been a trend in wedding planning – having a specific email address for wedding related things. I love the idea of having everything organized in one place, but there are a few reasons that we suggest against having an email solely for your wedding correspondence.

Firstly, it limits your relationships with your wedding vendors. For us, we love to keep up with our couples. If you create an email that you only check while wedding planning, it is really hard for us to get a hold of you after the wedding. A lot of times we send end-of-the-year gifts to our newlyweds, and want to make sure that we have the right mailing address. If we can’t get a hold of you, it makes us sad, and we can’t send you fun little surprises!

Secondly, you can miss out on important dates. Sometimes, we run sales on albums, or other things that might be of interest to you. We promise, we won’t spam you, but who doesn’t love a sale?!? Recently, we saw on social media that one of our brides was running a collection for the needy! We emailed her and asked to donate, and she didn’t get our message until a few weeks after it ended because she only checks that email address when something wedding related was going on. Again, it made us sad!

So our suggestion? Create a folder within an email account that you already have and check frequently. It will save everyone a headache, and keep you organized and in touch with all of the people you need to be in touch with!

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