Wedding Weather Worries
June 5, 2018

Wedding Weather Worries

We are based in Cincinnati, where the weather is unpredictable to say the least. “If you don’t like what the weather is doing, stick around for a day, and it’ll be completely different” is a saying that we’ve heard too many times to count. As we write this, we went from having the air conditioning blasting to being curled up in a blanket in three days.

Wedding Weather Worries

Unfortunately, that doesn’t put our clients at ease when forecasting their wedding day. Without fail, almost every Bride messages us at some point in the two weeks before her wedding, with a frantic query about the weather.

“I just checked the forecast, and it looks like rain. Do we have a back up plan for pictures?!?”

We totally don’t blame them. We always laugh that there has only been a small handful of weddings where the weather has completely kept us from doing anything outside.

But seriously, we don’t worry about the weather. Would we prefer the weather to be sunny and beautiful? Believe it or not – no! We prefer cloudy days because we can keep our clients from squinting or getting dark circles under their eyes. The threat of rain means we’ll probably have some wonderful cloudy skies to work with!

Secondly, we are totally comfortable with our flashes and strobes. If we need to find someplace indoor to shoot, our biggest task is going to be finding a space large enough to set up your whole bridal party rather than getting gorgeously lit images.

Thirdly, and this one is important, the weather changes. We tell all of our clients that any forecast that is more than 4 days in the future isn’t reliable – which is true. Heck, the forecast isn’t reliable on the day of most of the time. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a client want to reschedule an engagement session for fear of the weather only to have a perfect weather at the exact time the forecast called for ugly weather.

So, if they are calling for bad weather two weeks before your wedding, here is our advice: say a little prayer, take a deep breath, and don’t check the weather again until the day before your wedding. We know it will be hard. If the weather is still bad the day before, think of an indoor or sheltered look that you like. Maybe you would prefer the modern look of the Contemporary Arts Center, or the tropical look of the Krohn Conservatory. Maybe there is a gorgeous wrap around porch on your family’s home, or maybe you gift your bridesmaids an adorable clear umbrella, and decide to roll with the punches!

Whatever happens, good weather or bad weather, you are still going to love your pictures. You wanna know how we know? The picture above in this blog post was actually taken outside, while it was raining! We found a beautiful, clear shelter and took so many gorgeous pictures! Proof that there is always a way to make it work! Even though this Bride’s wedding images didn’t have the background that she thought they would because of bad weather, she still loves their pictures because it’s the day she married her best friend.

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