Where To Start Wedding Planning
December 26, 2017

Where To Start Wedding Planning

Where To Start Wedding Planning

So you’re engaged… now what?

Your friends and family can finally stop asking you when you are getting engaged, but now they have moved onto the next question: So when is the wedding? Where is the wedding? What colors will you use? How many bridesmaids?

But if you are like most most brides, the thought of trying to plan a wedding makes you want to burst into tears, and pull the covers over your head. So what’s the first thing you do? Ask your bridesmaids? But, to ask your bridesmaids you have to have a date, and to have a date you have to have a venue. To have a venue you have to have an idea of a guest list, and to have a guest list, you have to figure out a budget.

Whew. So where to start wedding planning? And how on earth do people plan a wedding and remain sane?


Nah, I’m just kidding. 

But, it doesn’t hurt!

My first advice for newly engaged couples wondering where to start wedding planning is this – make a list of what is most important to you. Cheesy, I know, but list out everything that you need to plan, and figure out where your priorities are. This will also help you to decide where in your budget you can splurge, and where you can “trim the fat” so to speak.

For example, our last bride wanted to have a big wedding. She wanted to be able to accommodate all of the people that were important to her and her fiancé. She didn’t want to feel guilty about drawing lines of what family and friends they could invite, and which ones wouldn’t make the cut.

Having that as a priority dictated their venue. If they wanted to be able to find some place that could fit everyone they wanted to invite, they needed to know how many people that was. So they started with creating their guest list. Some people have always dreams of a certain venue, and that is okay too! Find out their capacity, and build your guest list around that.

“Think about the vendors you care about most.”

Once you have that settled, think about the vendors that you care most about. When you are deciding which vendors to prioritize, think about which wedding vendors can only take on one wedding per day. For instance, a catering company, a florist, or a stationary shop might be able to take on multiple weddings in a day. A specific make up artist, DJ, a planner or a photographer can only do one wedding. If you have your sights set on a vendor that can only take on one day, you’ll want to reach out to them right away.

Make sure you break everything down into little steps. It’s a whole lot easier to focus on one small task like picking a date, or compiling a guest list, than it is to worry about everything at once. Also, don’t forget to hire a wedding planner! Cincinnati has some fabulous ones (Like Brigid) that can really help organize everything!

Now that you know where to start wedding planning, check back next week for our tips for planning a wedding that you probably didn’t think about! Until then, you can check out past blogs for brides here!

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